SAI ASHIYANA Pvt. Ltd. is the company formed under Govt. of India's Companies' Act of 1956. It was incorporated on 2013-2014 with a mission to provide customer centric, transparent, legally strong services which gives value for product and highest returns to our customers through innovative concepts.


Residential Plotting and Construction Sector

We are mainly into real estate in residential plotting and construction sector. It was in the year 2014 that the directors with other visionaries started this residential plot and building projects, with the main aim to support the cause of the group and to provide customer centric services in the real estate sector.

We buy agricultural and other affordable lands at the most convenient and strategic locations and convert it into NATP sanctioned plots for sale to investors. We then develop, beautify and landscape our sites, which are then converted into NA plots or projects for residence. Being a start-up company, it  initially started its business from Burla, Sambalpur, with all its dedication and honesty. And due to accolade and faith received from the investors and customers, the company has invested it’s expertise into new upcoming projects. We have already started acquiring the land for sale and constructions. This is perhaps the first company who hold tri-logic conversation with the accountants, the architects and the customer to make their team happen at feasible prices.

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Directors passport size photo with designation, like financial, marketing, customer relationship etc.



SAH Enterprises: - The cheapest facility of purchase on instance of further construction by our customers at nearly half rate from the market prices.

SCAT services: - scat is a charitable trust that take care of all the AFTER-SALE management of the community or the area regarding electrical, water connections, lighting, security, whitewashing, repair and maintenance's etc.

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